To Market, to Market

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Sex and the City - Season 6 - Episode 1
To Market, to Market

About this Sex and the City episode: To Market, to Market is first episode of the sixth and final season of the American comedy-drama series, Sex and the City, and the 75th episode overall. Carrie draws a comparison between the stock market and relationships ("Why do we keep investing?") inspired by her trip to ring the opening bell for the New York Stock Exchange after her newspaper, The New York Star, goes public.
In this episode, Carrie anxiously contemplates her first date with Jack Berger, while Charlotte considers the consequences of falling for her Jewish divorce lawyer, who insists he can only marry a fellow Jew; Miranda recognizes that she belongs with Steve, but resists her urge just long enough to discover he has moved on; and Samantha tries to get over Richard by resuming her promiscuous ways, this time with a stockbroker who has moved into her building

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